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Merits of solar flood lights

Solar Flood Light Guys has come up with a variety of flood lights that can rely on solar energy for their operation. These solar flood lights from Solar Flood Light Guys, are cost effective in that there are no power bills incurred and the only cost is during the purchase and installation of the solar panels. The flood lights relying on solar energy are sustainable in that they depend on sun light and therefore instances like power blackouts are out of question.



Unlike the past where solar powered lights were highly unreliable and therefore impractical for most people, the technological diversification at Solar Flood Light Guys today allows for the creation of highly reliable solar flood lights in the name of light emitting diode solar flood lights. They are able to save on the available solar energy supply by creating bright light without causing the kind of heat emission waste associated with the regular bulbs in the market today. This bears a refined final solar powered flood light that illuminates over the stretch of its lifespan without having to flicker for a day.


Control choices

Contrary to popular notion, solar powered flood lights can also be controlled from multiple dial points or even auto control situations. Solar Flood Light Guys has come up with unique wiring systems and wireless systems also that enhance the ability of the user to control the solar flood lights in any way they deem fit. For instance the light level control system from Solar Flood Light Guys determines how dark it must be for the solar flood lights to turn on, timing systems also help determine for how long the lights should remain on. For supply and installation of solar flood lights that can suit all your indoor and outdoor flood lighting options, contact us today by calling 888-642-8840 for a level of service and quality that you the client might have not witnessed before.

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Solar powered flood lights are generally meant to ease up the burden that comes with the installation of the normal electrical power systems. Solar Flood Light Guys retails solar flood lights alongside their respective solar panels that can be easily mounted at a strategic point in the outdoor compound. Mostly there is no extra wiring required and hence even individuals with the most basic knowledge of installation procedures can easily do it. Depending on the original manufacturing of the solar flood light, the panel can be set up in close proximity of the flood light mostly on a flat surface if the wire connecting them does not need adjusting.


There exist solar flood light solutions for you today that take care of your needs with various specifications that allow the user to have a large selection base for the various grades that come up with different intensities of light illuminations to specific outdoor flood lighting needs. For instance the auto light solar flood lights exist with diverse grade types such as led solar flood lights that can detect motion up to 30 feet away for them to auto light while others may have a detection range of more than 250 degrees radius.

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